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Origami is lightweight enterprise application framework in .NET platform. Contains 4 application blocks : Container, Data, Logging, and Security.

Features :
- Simplify manage object construction and its depedency
- Support Depedency Injection and plugable architecture
- Wrap generic ADO.NET commands
- DBMS agnostic (support SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, etc)
- Implement some patterns for Data Access from Martin Fowler Book (PoEE) such us : repository, data mapper, virtual proxy,fluent interface
- Support fluent interface query
- Support DDD (Domain Driven Design) and PI (Persistence Ignorance)
- Built in Logger available : Console,File, Database, EventLog, Trace, Smtp, and Messaging
- Authentication & authorization using XML and database
- Cryptography support : symmetric, asymmetric, and hash

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